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Updated 01/01/2023

FutureBots Humanoid Lab - F.B.H.L. is advancing robotics to support the needs of mankind in Space exploration, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial Manufacturing, Hazardous rescue activities and Chemical and Biological disposal applications with the introduction of the ATOM and KATE humanoid robot and with this new technology we can create Hi-Tech jobs for the USA that can't be exported.

My original idea a few months ago for KATE 1.0 humanoid was to build a robot that men and women parent's far away in a distant lands serving there country in the US military could use KATE 1.0 or future KATE Tele operated robots to play games with there kids, teach there kids, or just give them a big hug. Plus I think KATE would be a big help in interacting with kids with Autism and could help them increase their social interaction skills and communication and learning. I also think KATE humanoids could be use in nursing homes to help patients with Alzheimer's. If you want to be part of the KATE and ATOM humanoid dream please donate what you can below at bottom of page. Thanks so much. Dan Mathias Robotics Scientist @ FutureBots Humanoid Lab..
KATE 1.0 Humanoid Robot project.

KATE 1.0 is on Indiegogo being crowd funded, please donate 08/30/2014.

New from the FutureBots Humanoid Lab is KATE or " Kids Avatar Teacher and Entertainer" I'm a humanoid robot for kids to adults a 3-month project. I'm an autonomous robot as well as a Tele operated robot a cloud robot that never stops learning, a cloud robot. I can see you, I can hear you, I can smell, and I can talk to you and express emotions. I have an android table for teleconferences and a touch input screen for teaching screen for the young. I have a 22 DOF or degrees of freedom of movement for my body as well as a fully articulated mouth that can show emotions of happy or sadness and my lips move also. I have a nose that will sense carbon dioxide carbon monoxide natural gas humidity and smoke from a fire to keep you safe. I use the Microsoft Kinect sensor for motion detection and image depth processing and have sonar sensors for distance sensing also. I also have stereo vision for video conferencing and image processing and I can see I the dark with inferred sensors as well in smoke filled room if there was a fire to help people get out of a burning home. My robot track system is very powerful and can move on all surfaces as well as on steep inclines. For my brain I use the Intel Atom 450 microprocessors running at 1.5 giga hertz with Windows XP and various other embedded software components, I also run the Aldurino micro controllers for sensor input functions, and I have GPS also, and soon solar panels will be added for outside use.


Key specifications of the new KATE humanoid project.
Height: 45 inches tall
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 18 inches
Weight: 70 Lbs.
Walking speed: 3 to 6 mph.
Lead Battery Time:
1 to 1.5 hours.
Degrees of Freedom
Head: 7
Arm: 2 × 2
Hand: 4 × 2
Torso: 1
Leg: 1 × 2

What's inside KATE 1.0 humanoid robot,
These are basic specs. and can change anytime to be upgraded to more advanced system parts as need.

Specifications and capabilities:

OS Windows XP
CPU's Intel Atom - 1.50 Ghz processor, and Aldurino microcontrollers.
Vision system
Microsoft Kinect + Stereo color Vision with
Depth Perception
Sensors Various Gas sensors,
3-Axis Accelerometers
Ultrasonic range units
6 microphones
Actuaters DC Servo Motor
Reduction Mechanism Gear Box + RC servos
Power Dual 12 volt Lead Acid batterys
Cost Time and Labor, used off the shelf parts and modifyed them.

KATE humanoid robot videos in action, more coming soon.

KATE video's

GEORGE #1 Humanoid robot from 1985

Built in 1985 Robot George
, it's 25 years old my first big robot and 40 inches tall, and weights 110 lbs, has one Pentium III - 600 MHz Lap-Top, with 128 meg ram and 20 Gig ide hard drive, sound blaster voice input, voice syntheses and image processing and control with Linux software that is in the works, it's arms can lift over 60lbs at the wrist and can move at about 3 miles per hour, it is made of , aluminum, wood and plastic construction, 12 volt Lead Acid powered.

Google Moon Rover Project.
Now all I need is $500 million dollors to get it there to the moon.

A new robot platform for a Mars or Moon type remote controlled rover using left over parts in the shop.
Will have 3 video cameras, 2 stereo and 1 on the robot arm. 5 stepper motor robotic arm, 800 MHz Mini ITX computer, 12 volt lithium batteries and solar power..

Photo 1 and 2

Robot arm will be able to pick up rocks and other objects in 3rd camera.

Photo 3

Working on adding a Track mechanism for better traction and mobility

Project has been discontinued, sorry, not feasible to get to the moon, NO money for it.

Built in the mid 1990's P.V.C.- RoBot. tmAn air powered 6 legged robot platform this Robot is made of PVC pipe and fittings with 68HC11 control.

Built in 2005 EPOXY BOT was for Ebay sales tm

EPOXY BOT, is an robotic platform using the PIC microcontroller with bread board and with continous rotation servo drive motors. Made of aluminum and NO screws, all Epoxies together. Together.

Built in the late 1990's the P - Bot tm

The P - BOT, is an robotic platform using the P-Brain 68HC811 unipolor stepper motors for the main drive, and is contructed out of fiberglass and wood.

The Floppy-Bot was for a magazine article tm
Floppy-Bot bottom
Robot made from a IBM tandon floppy disk drive

Built in the 1990's HC11-Bot tm A 68hc811 for brains Robot, single chip RS-232 programing from your PC.

Built in the 1980's Cyclops Bot One eye remote controlled robot, with channel 3 TV transmitter, dual 6 volt batterys, dual gear motors..

Built in the 1980's 4 x 4 Bot tm 8749 processor controller robot platform.

UPDATED 09-17-2011

Built in the late 1980's for college REAGAN my 6 legged Walking Robot is
named after my favorate president Ronald Reagan.

Top photo from the 1980's.

A 6 legged walking robot called Reagan built in the late 1980's and modernized today in 2009.
Named after one of my favorite president Ronald Reagan of the 1980's
- has a Pentium 4 - 1 Ghz mother board, 250 Gig HD, 24 volt solar panel, dual right angle PM gear motors,
Color Plasma display, dual Video capture boards, Dual color CCD cameras,
speed about 2 to 3 Miles per hour, dual 12 volt lead battery's, 4 Kodak sonars sensors.

2009 video with new hardware

Almost ready to walk. Has thin plastic keyboard, stereo cameras, Speaker and 3 Kodak sonars.

Rear view of robot with vent fans and solar cell top panel.

2 fiberglass shells make up the 6 Pak bot that will be forsale soon on website.

Pentium 4 - 1 Ghz mother board on bench with 9 inch Plasma screen

Upper fiberglass shell for robot.

Upper fiberglass shell with aluminum mother board chassis.

Inside gear motors and 12 volt H-Bridge drive board from Motorola data book.

Right angle gear motors 12 to 24 volts about 2 to 4 rpm, very powerfull.

Bottom aluminum panel.

12 volt H-Bridge drive board and Kodak sonar boards from SX 70 cameras.

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