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 P-Brain 68HC11Microcontroller

68HC811E2FN P- Brain Kit tm Microcontroller
for 68HC811 Microcontroller.

The Kittm uses the 68HC811E2FN Motorola Microcontroller that has 2K bytes of EEPROM
and 256 bytes of RAM, you get 8 Mhz Xtal, 22 pf caps and a 68HC811 processor.

Part# P-Brain 68HC811 $50.00 each NEW

TO BUY 1 68HC811 Kit click here
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If you need more than 2 parts or you are out of the USA please email me to place an order.

Some Technical 68HC11 and 68HC811 Stuff

P-Braintm 68HC11 is a Trademark of Future-Bot Components

68HC811 tm Features

processor chip.

68HC11A1 processor block diagram.
68HC11 manual
5 I/O ports, Ports A,B,C,D,E.
Eight-Channel 8 bit A to D converter.
256 bytes of Static RAM.
2K or 2048 bytes of EEPROM.
8 Mhz internal clock, 2 Mhz bus.
Power saving STOP and WAIT modes.
16 Bit-Timer system.
Serial Communications Interface (SCI) port.
Real-Time interrupt circuit.
5 Volt operation.
Low Power, less than 12 ma.
Can run in
Bootstrap, Single or Expanded modes.

68HC811 Example Circuit

Reset IC and Resistors not included

Serial port converter schematic example

P-Braintm 68HC11 is a Trademark of Future-Bot Components
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