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My Old Computer Collection, from Mini's to SuperComputers

Dan Mathias - CTO Robotics Scientist and Robotics visionary at FutureBots Humanoid labs
I'm the owner and founder of FutureBot Components in 1985 with a few disciplines in Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer science, and Software engineering, Robot builder to name a few.
FutureBots went full time in 1992 it's an electronic components company specializing in robotic component parts for the hobbyist and professional for the last 27 years. The company was founded in 1985 after I built my first humanoid mobile robot George. I decided there was a need for a company to sell various parts like computer chips, motors, and robot body parts to the public that was building and experimenting with electronics and robotics.
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EMPLOYMENT:I was HI-Rel Senior Engineer for SOLITRON DEVICES, INC, For years from 1982 to 1991, The Company's manufactured semiconductor power devices for space vehicles and military: Working from customer specs I tested, designed and evaluated power bipolar transistors, mosfets, voltage regulators and digital devices for isb, esb, frequency, switching-time, thermal resistance, voltage break downs, leakage, hfe, capacitance, Vin/Vout, hot/cold temp, cob etc., to Mil. Std. 883 / 750 specs for customers like NASA, ATT, and Rockwell. I evaluated die or dice samples from production line HI Rel Dept. and assisted other engineers in solving any production problems. Working closely with customers in evaluating power hybrids for thermal design in ceramic, beo, copper and kovar packages with different ceramic substrates and etectic bonds and die types. Also did wire bonding assembly design and testing of hybrid devices to Mil 883 specs.

EDUCATION: Summery more on LinkedIn, Various Engineering Degrees and B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from NORTH TECH. in Industrial Electronics, DC circuit design, AC circuit design, Computer Hardware design, Industrial Robotics systems and Control systems. I was the youngest at the age of 15 for my High School to be recommended to go to NORTH TECHICAL COLLEGE to take Industrial electronics.

SPECIAL SKILLS: I have build various Robot systems wheeled and legged over the years from scratch designing them at my company FutureBots robotics lab.
Worked with HeNe - LED lasers rangers and optics, Super conductors, Wire bonding, Semiconductor Die mounting. I build Fiberglass molds and plugs and parts. I do Arc welding, Tig welding, Mig welding, Lath work, Mill machine work, Drill press. I work and built CNC machines, worked with Hi speed dremels, Various power tools. I also know Video camera processing systems and signal processing, networks ann AI. I repair and build IBM PC's and Mac computers, terminals, LCD and glass monitors, and any computer to component level. I have a vast knowledge of semiconductors Bipolar, Mosfets, IC chips, Microprocessors, and Semiconductor partnumbers and their functions. I build to component level Microprocessor robot controllers, PC/104, Nano, VIA Single board computers, worked with 3 axis gyros mems and Accelerometers, Lithium, Lead Acid Battery systems, Linux, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP embedded, Windows 7e, PC/104, systems, Servos ands hydraulics, Software development in Java, Linux, Win 8, Win 7, C, C++, Webprogramming with html and Java, Microcontroller Programming with PICs, Basic stamp and Arduino, PCB Schematic Design on 3D Mill, Google 3D, ACAD 14
Other Fields of Study andd Interest: Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems, MEMS and Nano Technologies, Sensors and Signal Processing Sensors and Instrumentation, Signal Processing and Sensor Fusion, Intelligent Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Robot Mechanism and Control, Kinematics and Dynamics of Robots, Manipulation and Motion Planning, Mobile Robots and Navigation, Robot Vision, Object/Human Visual Recognition, Human-Robot Interaction, Speech Recognition, Service and Field Robots, Humanoid Robots, Navigation, Guidance and Control, Navigation Algorithms, Real-Time and Embedded Systems.
I also built and drove drag race cars in the 1980's as a hobby

One of my 68HC811 Hybrid modules I manufactured in the early 2000's

My first Humanoid Robot George that won a beauty contest in 1985

My Engineer dad Calvin working on his Mill Machine at Pratt & Whitney
back in the 1970's on some jet engine part or RL10 rocket motor,
my dad was my mentor also in engineering, Thanks Dad!

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