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By Dan Mathias

I think the older computers are much more fun than the new ones, well in six months the new computers will be out dated any way, then I'll add them to my collection.

Me and my Intel Paragon systems and IBM 3420 tape drive, I will rent it out, email me.


Imsai 8 bit computer WOW. Wanted one of these since I was 15. Cost New over $500.00. Donate by Sherwin and Shirley (aka "Shyrl") Ham radio name K2OZK. A little history on the system:
IMSAI 8080 which my husband built in 1974 or 1975. He and I both learned Assembly language on that computer, and after we got basic, I would enter programs (mainly games) from the dozens of books coming out on Basic - my job was to improve on them, eg. using a person's name and tallying each game's score. From there I branched out to write a program to handle his meagre financial holdings, but I included charts -years before these things became ho-hum. After that, I branched into the Commodore 64 and 128 - both great machines; I was in heaven when we could finally afford 20k of memory! :-D .

INTEL Paragon XP/S Super Computer, 96 of a i860 processors, 64 bits Unix!, WOW, Cost New $1.2 million dollars in 1994 for the 2 cabinets, have 5 of them, more information coming soon.

5 cabnets of a INTEL i860 Xp-50 three cpu Node Intel Paragon and IBM tape drive.
INTEL iPSC i860 Super Computer, 32 of a i860XR processors and it works !, Cost New over 1 million dollars in 1992, more information coming soon.

Intel iPSC cpu board single i860-40 .
INTEL i860 or A80860XR-40 Enginnering sample date 1988.
INTEL i860 XR-40 Mil Spec IC package sonar board.
INTEL i860 XR-33 number cruncher boad for the IBM model 80 PS2.
INTEL i860 XR-40 SCSI controller for EISA buss systems.
INTEL i860 XR-40 Mercury RACE MCV6 4 cpu computer board for the multi bus systems.
INTEL i860 XR-40 for a Du Pont Pixel or PX15-24 video card for a Sparc Station II
INTEL i860 Data books
INTEL iPSC Super Computer, 32 of a 286 processors and 287 coprocessors and it works !, runs XENIX WOW, connects to a INTEL work station, Cost New $750.000 dollars in 1985, more information coming soon.

INTEL 286 cpu and 287 coprocessor Node for the iPSC
MASPAR 2101 super computer, it has 1024 PE cmos processors, Max Mops =1600, 64 meg Data memory, Cost New over $700.000 dollars in 1992. .
CRAY 3 super computer processor board 1 ns processing time, cost over 300 million dollors to develop in 1995. The Cray-3 was intended to be Cray Research's successor to the Cray-2 supercomputer. The system was to be the first major application of gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductors in computing. The project was not considered a success, and only one Cray-3 was delivered. .

The Mark 8.
1974 Radio Electronics, The First 8 bit computer kit. It had a Intel 8008 processor and 1101 Dram memory for a total of 1k of main memory.
This is my dream computer, I'm ready to build it, I have all the parts. I have the original plans from Radio Electronics.

My first computer magazine, BYTE Issue #1, I still own it.

Analog Computer Science Fair Computer Kit 1960's, I got one, WOW.

I own one finally, 8080 cpu, 16 K ram, S-100 buss
MicroData 1600 Mini computer The MicroData 1600 just came in on the truck on 3-8-2000, boy what a mess, it was in a persons barn for over 14 years. It was full of bird droppings, mouse fur balls and squirrel nuts, I spend an hour hosing it off with water and antibacterial soap, it smells and looks much better know. The photo shows the removable hard disk units laying on there sides after a good washing and the main 1600 unit and tape drive in the background. I will update this page in the coming weeks to show more photos of the unit being restored to function. This is a photo of the front face plate of the Mirodata minicomputer.06-26-00
RCA transistor main frame computer boards date ? 03-01-00
i4004 cpu board, very old stuff 1970's This is the real thing, not a 4004 cmos gate chip like some have told me it is.

i4004 IC chip photo

Large Sharp Compet 32 calculator with all transistors, diodes and core memory, very old 1960/1970's ?

Intel 8008, 8 bit processor board.
The 8008 chip, First 8 bit microprocessor
IBM's First portable computer before the IBM PC revolution.
It ran APL and Basic. It had a 5 inch B&W display and a tape backup unit.
OH and it cost $15,000 dollars new WOW. I picked it up at a hamfest for $10.00.
IBM's XT Second personal computer, 64k ram, 8088 processor, cga color and dual 360k floppies, I/O ports.
SYM, Synertek Systems Corp. 6502 micro board
HP 87 desk top computer.
DEC Micro VAX Mini Computer.
Compaq 286 box computer works great.
ATT pc computer 8086, 360K floppy
MAC color 68030 processor 32 Bits,
Compaq 8088 box computer
IBM laptop portable, dual floppys.
TRS-80 Pocket Computer, LCD display, Basic,
tandy portable computer,
Another TRS-80 Pocket Computer, LCD display, Basic, works great.
A 1940 Smith - Corona typewriter, works perfect.
Smith Corona Calculator Wow this is old.
Apple Mac Portable box computer, LCD display, 1 meg ram, 40 meg H.D. 68HC000 CPU
HYPERION 8088 portable boxtop 5 inch CRT display, 300 k ram, dual 360K floppies.
IBM Portable box computer, Plasma display, 4 meg ram, 80 meg H.D, 386 CPU.
Singer FridenEC 117 Calculator, Nixie Tubes display,.
Atari 800 Home computer,
Commodore Pet 2001 series, BW display, 32 k ram, works great.
Amiga 500
IBM RT RISC computer.
Aquarius home computer.
Comodore PC-10 Computer 8088 processor, Dual 360K floppies.
IBM System 36 Mini Computer. 8 inch floppys
ADDS Mini computer.68030 processor
Sharp 7000 box top computer
Atari 5200 game system.
Atari 2600 game system.
Odyssey game system.
Wyse 386 Tower server computer.
Laser 128 home computer.
Atari pong game system.
Atari ultra game system.
Odyssey2 game system.
Atrari XL home computer.
IBM Ps1 home system
Old mainframe computer display.
Radio Shack computer trainer.
HP 9 track tape drive.
Wang mini computer Mostly 7400 ICs build main CPU
IBM Ps2 Mod 30 home system.8086 processor, 20 meg HD.
Tandy Color Computer 2
Slide ruler, remember this?Processor - human brain.
Digital talker
Timex ZX80 home computer.Z80 processor
Slicer 80186 processor board.
TI 58 calculator computer.
TV pong game system.
UNIVAC core memory unit. From a main frame system, size unknown.
INTEL 128k bubble memory unit
IBM pc junior 64 k ram 8088 processor, and single 360k floppy, CGA color.
MITS 8808B, S-100 bus micro computer, Z-80 or 8080 processor, 64k ram..
Sparc 2 Work station.
INTEL 4040 Micro computer from intel. A training computer.
Apple III 128 k
Apple II GS 128k, Color
SWTP 6800 micro computer S-50 bus
Digital PDP/8m DEC 12 bit mini computer with 4k core memory, 1970 era, Works Great. It's real fun entering programs and data through the front panel.
RCA 1802 micro computer trainer.
ALTOS 586 with a 8088 cpu running xenix.
OSBORNE Z-80 portible micro computer.
APPLE Lisa with a 68000 cpu, 512k ram.
TANDY TRS-80, Z-80 microcomputer.
APPLE II 64k ram, mono display output.
APPLE MAC 512K ram, 68000 processor
ROCKWELL microcomputer trainer.
INTEL mulitibus 68000 controller.
TIMEX Z-80 Z80 processor, 16k ram WOW, I have a few of these, they make a good controller for robotics.
TANDY TRS-80 portible. 8085 processor, basic built in, with aplications, I have 3 of these, they still work great.
ATARI 520 68000 processor, 512 ram, 720k floppy drive.
COMMODORE AMIGA 68000 processor, 512 ram, 720k floppy drive.
TI 99 9900 processor, 64k ram.
TANDY TRS80 COLOR 64k ram, color out.
TANDY TRS80 color micro computer Z80 processor, 64k ram, tandy dos.
TANDY 1000, 8088 micro computer 8088 processor, 256k ram memory, CGA color.
COMMODORE 64 portible I have two of these.
TI portible lap top, No disk drives, aplications built in..
Adam microcomputer.
RCA 1802 Microcomputer controllers for stop lights.
Alpha Micro 68030 processor, 2 meg ram, 160 meg hard drive.
VAX server 3100 DEC processor, dual hard drives, tape drive.
Kaypro10 Z80 microprocessor, 64 k ram.
Video sports game unit


Any SUPER COMPUTER or Old Computer
If you have an OLD Computer you would like donate or Money $50.00 to help fund shipping, storage and to find a place to display then for the public.
I'm looking for Old computers to add to my collection from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's with Tubes, Transistors or IC's or Books
please let me know, I will pay shipping to me and take good care of it. Thanks so much! I want to open a Antique Computer Museum

Wish List

I want a Cray 3 CPU Brick and any other OLD systems as shown below and there parts.

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