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Various Robot Parts

Ball Bearing Pully Heavy Duty 1.25 Dia x 0.20 thick, 3/16 dia hole.
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Part# Pully1 Price 2 for $10.00.
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NEW OLD STOCK Conner C3013A Micro 1.35 inch Hard drive
NEW Never Used Conner C3013A Micro 1.35 inch Hard drive 20 megs IDE ATA interface small cable like in lap tops, 615 cyc, 4 hds, 17 sec are the specs, NEW DRIVE tested good, easy interface to PIC, 8031, 68HC11 etc, microcontrollers, would make a neat robot memory or data logger memory. MORE DATA on drive: Kittyhawk Formatted Capacity: 21.4MB Physical Characteristics Precomp: NONE Landing Zone: AUTO Platters: 2 R/W Heads: 3 Servo Heads: Logical Characteristics (ATA Drives) Average Access: 18ms Track/Track Access: Onboard Cache: Transfer Rate: 7.2Mb Rotation Rate: 5,400 RPM Head Activation: VC Recording Method: Tracks/Inch (TPI): 2400 Bits/Inch (BPI): 51000 M.T.B.F.: 300K (hours) Power: 1.6W Height: 10.2 (mm) Comments: GLASS PLATTERS
The Kittyhawk can be used via a 2.5" IDE cable adapter (commonly used to adapt notebook hard drives to desktop systems). There is a significant warning, though. You MUST NOT plug the drive in backwards. Modern drives can typically survive being put in backwards. The Kittyhawk, though, will not. If you plug it in backwards, it will be destroyed.
Part# C3013A Price SOLDOUT ea.

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